Posted on 02.01.19 |

Try a New Taco Every Day at Taqueria Habanero

If variety is the spice of life, then the owners of Taqueria Habanero really know how to live. They offer 14 different types of tacos on a daily basis, so it’s nearly impossible for your taste buds to get bored. Given that the College Park location is the second outpost of this DC-based restaurant, you can trust that the chefs know what they’re doing.

For edible proof, just stop by and try a few of the tacos. The menu includes a handful of classic options, such as carnitas, al pastor, and grilled chicken. Then the chefs also get a little creative with tacos featuring grilled steak, salmon, or even grilled cactus and avocado. In addition to the tacos, Taqueria Habanero also dishes out other modern Mexican eats, from papas con mole (fries topped with mole Poblano sauce) to seafood ceviche.