Posted on 01.30.19 |

Looking for a Valentine’s Day Gift? You Can’t Go Wrong With The Original Velatis

As Valentine’s Day draws near, you simply can’t beat a gift from The Original Velatis. This DC favorite has been making its signature caramels since 1866, and it’s still a favorite today. 

 Choose from European-style soft caramel, or the traditional chewy American style. They also have all of your favorite chocolates and confections, from sea salt turtles and truffles to hand-made toffee topped with crunchy nuts. You can order online, or visit their retail location on Georgia Avenue in Silver Springs. The small shop is light and airy, with the sugary sweet smell of frothy marshmallow and buttery caramel filling the air. You can purchase full, beautifully packaged boxes of your favorite confections, or create your own mix from items in the display case. The Original Velatis also creates party buffet packages and custom favors if you have an event coming up and want to give your guests the finest DC has to offer. Take a sneak peek at all of the treats they offer at their website, or learn more about the origins of this local institution.